Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Simple Joys

Since moving to Pittsburgh, I am reminded daily of the simple joys in life I have taken for granted. Waking up every morning, looking outside the window towards a familiar street, seeing a friend at the grocery, and just driving down the road to see family and old friends...the list could go on and on. I miss familiar faces, Harris Teeter, a good ol' dirty mexican restaurant, and just plain comfort. This journey has started to weigh on me and has challenged me to reflect on who I am, who I want to be, and what is important to me. There is an internal struggle of being thankful yet allowing myself to grieve change and our new surroundings. I am coming to understand that Pittsburgh is a long term commitment and most likely where my babies will start elementary school (whew, only 3 years away for my sweet HUGgie). While there is nothing that I can honestly say I dislike about Pittsburgh (it truly is a great city), I still find myself calling North Carolina "home".

With that said, I titled this excerpt "simple joys" because I tend to overlook these small blessings everyday. So, it was nice to take the kids to Kennywood for an afternoon of fun, face paint and food. I think that it brought out the inner child in both David and myself watching Holland's face illuminate with excitement as she rode rides and soaked up the amusements.

Jackson enjoyed himself too. He is following in the footsteps of his mama and sister as a people watcher. He is a little more laid back though like his Daddy.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

What We Do

Change is never easy for me. It usually involves a lot of tears, resistance and sometimes a little stomping of the feet. Over the past three weeks, there have been tears and lots of hugs given in the Uzzell house. We are slowly transitioning into our life here and with a few things hung, it is beginning to feel more like home. His goodness has been shown to my sweet family, time and again since we have been here in Pittsburgh. It is hard to deny that this is where we are supposed to be! Our neighbors are incredible and have given us a gracious welcome. I'm sure that having a sweet 2 year old girl running up the street in a tutu and wings helps too!
We have joined a rec club up the street for the kids and I to go to during the days and for David and Holland to have some special one on one time. The love between those two is just incredible. Holland likes pretending to be Ariel and having David act as her Flounder. It is quite heartwarming to watch and somewhat amusing to see how smitten they are with one another.
We have been praying for a friend for Holland long before we got to Pittsburgh. She has befriended another two year old, Ava who lives close by. Holland enjoys spending time with her(and playing in her sandbox) and it is nice to have another mom to talk to! Holland is really into the Dinsey Princesses. Ariel and Cinderella are her favorite. She has nicknamed Jackson, "Gus Gus", the chubby mouse in Cinderella. She loves pretending to be a princess.
Jackson enjoys being doted upon and passing out his crooked little smile (it melts my heart every time!) He is my sweet baby boy. He loves being cuddled and in the arms of his mama. He smiles every time he sees Holland (even though it sometimes involves a whomp on the head!) He is cooing more, grabbing for things and laughing quite a bit. Like his big sister, he is a great nighttime sleeper and loves his naps. Such a huge blessing!
During Jackson's morning naps, Holland and I enjoy our time together. It usually involves making a treat for David or whipping up some Jell-O in the kitchen! It is so fun to spend one on one time with her.
David is loving his job at Heinz. Thus far it seems like a great fit and it is nice to have him around in the evenings without school work hanging over his head! He is an Associate Brand Manager specifically overseeing Frozen Soups that are distributed to various companies. We are enjoying all of the benefits of David working in the food/consumer industry:) The soups are delish and are a nice addition to our freezer!