Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Father's Love

18 weeks into our pregnancy with Holland, we found out that she was a healthy, growing girl. David and I both were left feeling gleeful yet speechless as we had always envisioned a houseful of rampant boys. I was secretly excited because I was able to finally shop (and I mean SHOP) for our sweet Holland Grace. I knew that the possibilities were endless!

I will never forget our conversation that evening and the months following. David was undoubtedly the most insecure I had ever seen him. He questioned himself in how he would father a baby girl. I assured him that God had chosen us as parents for Holland and specifically for David to be her earthly father. I had never been more confident in David in knowing what a tender, supportive and affectionate father he would become instantly. During my tumultuous labor experience with Holland, David's role instantly changed from not only a protective husband, but a protective father that wants to offer provision and stability over his children.

I was reminded on his tender, selfless heart this past Friday night when we were on one of our much needed date nights. We had just finished an incredible sushi dinner at our favorite local place. I have been having a lot of sciatic nerve pain during this pregnancy with Maelynn and although the food was amazing, I was in dire need of a mood change! David did his best and treated us to cheesecake from Barnes and Noble. We were getting it to-go since I was not feeling particularly well when this overpriced frog shaped iced cookie caught his eye. He looked at me and smiled. He saw the $3 price tag and started to put it back, but then smiled again and asked the cashier to add it to our tab. David knew that Holland would be elated (and more than likely willing to share!) to receive this cookie from him.

This small act may seem just that, but David does things like this all of the time for Holland and Jackson. It isn't the act of spending money, but knowing that they will feel loved by him and have confidence in knowing that even when he is not right there all of the time, they are never far from his thoughts. It gives me great joy to have married a man of David's character, but even more-so for the father he is to our children. It not only goes from picking out little things they will delight in, but teaching, modeling and reading to them about a Father our hearts desire for them to ultimately rest in knowing and serving. He has left corporate meetings, late night graduate school study sessions, and leisure activities with friends when any one of our children are in need of him. I do not say these things boastfully, but with a thankful heart of the man our children call Daddy. It's incredible to see their earthly father humble himself and share with them that there is more to this life than their little eyes can see and a heavenly Father whose love far surpasses ours.

"Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord." Ephesians 6:4