Friday, September 24, 2010

Heaven's Symphony

I had my last first trimester appointment yesterday. It was much anticipated because I was planning on asking and receiving anti-nausea meds. This pregnancy has been like no other leaving me extremely sick and sometimes feeling like I can't get up out of bed. It makes it more challenging having two little ones at home, which is why I felt the urgency to get some medicine!

Twice before, this appointment was highly anticipated because it is when you actually get to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. I remember counting down the days when pregnant with both Holland and Jackson. For many reasons, I have felt numb about this pregnancy, most likely because I still don't fully comprehend how this happened. I mean, I know how it happened, but medically speaking there is no explanation. I like being reminded of that every time I am at the doctor because it sparks amazing conversations between myself and the physicians and it is left undeniable that there is a Great Physician at work in our lives.
As I lay there on the table with the doppler on my abdomen, I couldn't help but feel like I had just experienced this. Within a moment or so, I heard the sweetest sound that took grasp of my heart in a way like never before. Our baby's heartbeat could not have sounded more like heaven's symphony to me. My heart gushed with love, adoration, protection and pure joy all in an instant.

I sat in my car outside of the doctor's office and just wept. I was so thankful for the joy that He allowed me to feel on this day and for blessing us, truly blessing us, with another one of His children. How could I not rejoice with this gift and miracle growing exponentially everyday inside of me? I shared with David, my feelings of true peace, joy and contentment with this pregnancy and he just smiled at me. His smile was enough for me to know that he has had those things since the moment I shared with him we would be having a third child.

This baby too is being "fearfully and wonderfully made" by Him. On this third time of hearing our baby's heartbeat, I feel as though I now have a deeper appreciation of unborn life and the sovereignty that comes in solely trusting Him. I'm prayerful that I will never forget the overflowing joy I felt when I heard heaven's symphony yesterday.


  1. this post gave me chills.. thankful to be able to have a glimpse into some of what you guys are experiencing.

  2. beautiful, meri! can't wait to meet my new niece or nephew